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Company for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD) e.V.

Blossey & Partner is Member of
German Professional Assciation of Data Protection Officers (BvD) e.V. (registered assiciation)


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The project: "Stadtschloss Berlin Initiative" is committed to arts and culture in the New Berlin Castle ||

The Blossey & Partner employees - a data protection team, a strategy team, an editorial team and management body - are more than just successful experts. Most different skills and characters got together and found some common ground on which to base: Solutions for data protection and data security suitable for daily use. Not only time but the most diverse experiences do unite us.

We are proud of still having some juvenile virtues: childlike curiosity, easygoing conversation, natural respect for the counterpart and joy of living. This is the great motivation for our "outside" commitment, so the Blossey & Partner team members play an active roll beyond their functional dedication.

For this reason we are happy to promote unique projects and initiatives.


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