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Data Integrity - one of four Basic Subject Areas

Data Protection as one of four main subject areas of operational data protection is a challenge that primarily has to do with technical measures in combination with the sense of responsibility of each individual employee (compliance).


According to § 9 BDSG and enclosure all starts with a typical technical-organisational question, such as how it is possible to reach the company grounds and ends - nine contentual steps later - with the separation precept, making sure that personal data acquired for different purposes need to be processed and used separately.
  • admittance control
  • access control
  • user access control
  • transfer control
  • input control
  • availability check
  • order control
  • separation decree 
Not the best and most sophisticated technology is helpful is the user interface is insecure. The so-called "human factor" and consequently its sensitisation is a further essential task of data protection.

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