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"Each Team is as strong as its weakest player", says a wise old saying, however this is also valid in terms of data protection measures and their effectiveness in operational practice.


Please once think about this: What kind of data and information (e.g. by means of internet or press) should not be available for your competitors or even for the public?
Are you sure, that your employees are of the same opinion and think about how to avoid this efficiently in everyday work - together with all apprentices, working students, trainees, with the cleaning staff and the facility management?


It was the lawmaker himself who set up some regulations in terms of data protection in order to help you to delegate responsibility to your staff which finally represents the main capital of your company.

Blossey & Partner calls this "sensitisation“- you also might hear some more abstract terms such as " "awareness" or "compliance" which, however, has an identical meaning. Sensitisation in data protection by Blossey & Partner takes place in three highly effective steps:

  1. Bringing to mind
  2. Informing
  3. Training
In our opinion this is the only way for you as a responsible to make your staff discharge their duties and make sure that personal data - and certainly all your confidential company data! - stay where they belong.

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