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Our Principle: Small but mighty
We put our emphasis on a competent, reliable and individual service which is good value. Our team prefers a puristic style: transparent, targeted, effective. Our very satisfied customers - who, if you consider a business relationship with Blossey & Partner, can be a reference for you - prove our established operating principles.
We primarily guide medium-size businesses, public authorities and listed, international companies working in the trade of software development, IT, media, tourism, production, health, building sector and industry; however, we are looking forward to discover new trade lines as we permanently look for new horizons. You will benefit from the know-how and the best-practice of other economic sectors. We are looking forward to get in touch with you!

Our target: Your money

We are putting the legal stipulations into data protection measures that are suitable for daily use and at the same time are highly resource-efficient. Let alone fines and costs for unnecessary trials! Almost always company resources are tight. For this reason we decide for conceived business processes, clear division of labour according to the existing areas of competence and for interdisciplinary interface management. Each member of our team is used to effective cooperating and communication in all different departments.

Data Protection is truly not expensive if
* its necessity had been realised and not sat out,
* if it is implemented in the company at an early stage and
* and if it had become part of the business philosophy.

Decide now for professional support in the implementation of adequate data protection measures by a basic consultation on the subject or by the appointment of an external data protection officer at Blossey & Partner. In any case you will save valuable energies as well as costs on training and further education. You will gain full legal compliance and a highly proficient counterpart which is available, reliable and provides you with the necessary independent and discreet outside point of view.

Our Conception: Discharge - Results - Additional Value

Data Protection is our core business. All our data protection officers (DPOs) are skilled and examined according to the reputable "Ulmer Modell" and every day they prove themselves in practice as consultants, auditors, referents, authors and certainly as internal or external data protection officers.

Blossey & Partner has established a widespread and solid net of cooperation partners, which are able to render services beyond our sphere of business. Especially in case of legal questions we can recommend several competent contact points.

Blossey & Partner relies on
* individual consulting according to your company needs.
* the ideal conception for data protection in accordance with needs and adequacy.
* support and discharge in data protection for your company.
* holistic all-round service (in cooperation with our partners).

Our Team: People and Professionals
The Blossey & Partner team members have various professional backgrounds: Engineers and technicians, executives and personnel managers, classical consultants, economists and scientists, strategists, educators, translators and psychologists.

Besides our profession there is one common strong point: Humanity. We individually adapt to your situation and offer services that are "made to specification" to your certain company needs at reasonable prices. There is always somebody within your reach if - as it is quite often - time is short.

Our philosophy: Quality is your best promotion
We are looking forward to each prospect getting in touch with us. We demand high quality whenever it comes to our own work - this fact gets around. Simply get in touch with us, come to know us and get your own idea of Blossey & Partner as your potential data protection service provider. We are at your disposal.

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